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McAfee Total Protection

With our increasing dependability on our Laptops, Macs, smart phones and tablets, our data is put to risk every day. It has become absolutely vital to protect our machines and data from cyber threats and harmful viruses. McAfee total protection caters to all our antivirus needs. It gives complete and reliable protection from virus attacks, malwares, Trojans etc. It also provides protection from cyber threats like Phishing, Network Travelling Worms and Advanced persistent threats. We can rely on McAfee and their experienced McAfee Online Technical Support team. It is supported by all recognized browsers.

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Ransomware i.e. ransom malware is a malware that hacks user’s system or personal data and gives unauthorized access to the hacker who demands ransom payments from user to regain access to his own data. It generally spreads through phishing emails, which have malicious attachments, and Drive-by downloading in which user unknowingly visits a malicious website and ransomware are downloaded without user’s knowledge. There has been a increase in the number of ramsomware emails in recent years.

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