McAfee Retail Card Support

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You can subscribe to your mcafee product with the help of MCAFEE RETAIL CARD. In a way, this card avoids the use of the CD. With this help you can activate your MCAFEE PRODUCT. You will get the RETAIL CARD from any nearby computer shop. Below we are trying to understand the process of using it.

You can see a URL of a website behind your retail card. Now you double click on your web browser and open the web browser and go to the URL address bar and write that address and press enter.
Now you have opened the MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS website. Here you have to select the language for your MCAFEE product. To select it, you can select your language by going to the menu bar.

If you have this problem, how to use the MCAFEE RETAIL CARD? You can get help from our ONLINE MCAFEE RETAIL CARD SUPPORT. Call us now to join us at TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-888-995-4664

You will be asked to enter RETAIL CODE just below the SELECT Language field. You can see these codes from the bottom of your RETAIL CARD. Soon you will be asked for your email / user name and password, after which you will have to login, after which you will be redirected to the user page.

Now you have reached in the users profile. From here you have to select your computer and select the correct subscription too. This allows the right setup for your computer to be downloaded directly. By installing it you can secure your computer.


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