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How To Remove Virus From MacBook Pro

You may have heard from so many people that Macs are Virus-resistant. There is no such kind of virus which can affect the working of Mac. Actually, it is not true. Certainly, it looks like that there are no viruses in the Mac but in reality, they exist. And it is not just a virus, it could be malware too which can steal your confidential data. Thus, it becomes to take the necessary steps to remove the virus. Apple Virus Scan is most important if you want to secure your data from any kind of threats.

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Here are some steps which can remove the virus from MacBook pro easily, have a look:

Step1: The first step for the mac virus scanner is open the folder named “Utilities”.

Step2: Then locate the icon of Activity Monitor on the screen. Once you locate that icon, do double click on that icon.

Step3: Under the Activity monitor, you have to find out the entry for the troublemaking application. After you get it, select the option and then press on the Quit Process.

Step4: Just then, a dialog box will pop up, it will ask you further whether you really want to quit the executable. Press on the Force Quit Option.

Step5: After performing the above steps, press on the "Go button" again. But wait a moment, you have to choose Application on the list. There you have to find out the malicious entry on the interface. After getting that, click on the Move to Trash button. If it will ask the password, then move ahead and press on the enter button.

Step6: Then move to Apple Menu and then choose the option named System Preferences

Step7: Here, you have to select on the button Accounts. Click on the button Login Items. Just after that, macOS will appear with a big list of items; it will be launched when the box starts up. The, last you have to locate the object malware, press on the “-“ button to remove a virus.

 If you want antivirus on MacBook, then follow these steps to avoid the virus. By following these steps, you can easily remove a virus from your mac.


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