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How To Remove Virus from Windows or Mac? 

Many people who use either Windows or Mac believe that their system is entirely secure and cannot have any type of virus. However, they have no idea that the virus is affecting their system every single day without them knowing. Mac is known to have great security, but it can still become vulnerable to high-end viruses.

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Not only viruses could cause long term damage to the OS but can also steal your personal information. With that thing in mind, you should be aware of the best malware removal for Mac so that you can secure your data. Here are the ways by which you can remove virus or malware from your Mac.


#1 Remove Apps from Unknown Sources

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is installing applications on their Mac from unknown sources. The majority of such applications look just like normal apps, but they can steal information from your system. The best thing that you can do is uninstall all such applications from your Mac.

#2 Keep Your Browsers Clean

Some of the commonest malware or viruses reach Mac via the internet. With that thing in mind, you have to keep an eye on your browser. No matter which browser you are using, it is best to keep an eye on the extensions installed on your browser. In case you notice any unknown extension or any such extension which you do not remember installing, then it could be a red sign of malware. Make sure to delete all such extensions from your browser

#3 Use Malware Removal Tools

There are many cases when people are unable to find the root of the malware manually. Due to this reason, they are unable to remove the virus from their Mac. If you feel the same issue, then you can use the malware removal tool. Make sure to only install the tool from Apple store or else you may make things worse.

#4 Reinstall MacOS

The most difficult answer to the question of how to get rid of a virus on Mac is by reinstalling the operating system. Even though it is the most effective way of ensuring that your Mac is now free from any virus, but it is also the most sacrificing way as well. The reason why it is mentioned as sacrificing is that you have to sacrifice all of your Mac’s data to remove malware. This process will wipe out the entire data from your Mac’s hard drive but will provide you with a guarantee that your Mac is clean.

The best malware removal for Mac can help you in eliminating annoying malware and virus from your Mac but can also cost you some of the data. It is always best that you keep a backup of your data frequently so that it could be saved somewhere else.


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