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With our increasing dependability on our Laptops, Macs, smart phones and tablets, our data is put to risk every day. It has become absolutely vital to protect our machines and data from cyber threats and harmful viruses. McAfee total protection caters to all our antivirus needs. It gives complete and reliable protection from virus attacks, malwares, Trojans etc. It also provides protection from cyber threats like Phishing, Network Travelling Worms and Advanced persistent threats. We can rely on McAfee and their experienced McAfee Online Technical Support team. It is supported by all recognized browsers.

Hacking is another major threat to anyone’s personal data. Once hacked, your data can be used in any way. So it’s better to go for total protection. McAfee total protection can also help you to block certain undesired sites that you don’t want your kids to visit. Sites containing excessive Violence videos, deadly games and porn etc can be restricted. And McAfee total protection will notify you if an attempt is made to access these restricted websites.




McAfee prevents junk and spam mails from consuming useful space and filling your mail box. It filters out such junk mails and removes them. Phishing is when some fraudster with malicious intentions sends you an email disguised as trusted entity to obtain sensitive information like usernames, passwords, credit card details and to steal user data. McAfee helps you keep safe from such trap mails. It supports most of the globally recognized e-mail programs. Nowadays we rely heavily on digital payments so it is crucial to have your information protected from multiple threats.


McAfee total protection custom scan Net guard feature uses two-way Firewall technology to eliminate all chances of hacking. Its advanced encrypted standard technology protects against hacking and data theft even if your PC is lost. Not only it can also categorise URLs with risk factors, but it also notifies user about risk involved in a social media post. It also prevents dangerous software and apps from downloading without user’s consent. Its Network Manager feature takes good care of your home wi-fi network. McAfee Shredder permanently deletes unnecessary files from your computer. It keeps clearing internet cookies to make your machine fast.



McAfee Technical Support

It scans your PC thoroughly, eliminates many sorts of threats and protects your home network. McAfee has years of experience of providing one stop solution to all antivirus problems. The technical support team is 24*7 available to assist you in installation, its operation and all sorts of queries related to antivirus. You can reach for assistance from McAfee Technical Support team anytime. Our email Id for Online Technical Support is and our technical helpline number is 1-877-235-8610.